Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The use of clickers at UCS: reflections on academic year 2010/11

I've written the report of the initial observations and staff feedback on the use of clicker's (audience response system) to enhance the learning experience. The full report is available from:

The outcomes were very encouraging. The executive summary is;

In January 2011, the Elevate Team started administrating an audience response system (clickers) pilot service at UCS. This service aimed to administer the loan of clickers and develop staff in how they might use audience response systems (TurningPoint Clickers) to enhance face to face teaching.

The following report covers the period January 1st, 2011 and April 30th, 2011, and aims to address;

  1. Are clickers being used by staff at UCS and are they likely to continue using them?

  2. Do staff perceive clickers add value to their teaching, and the student learning experience?

  3. Is the emerging staff development model and support programme fit for purpose? Will it scale for greater uptake?

The broad findings imply;

  1. staff liked using clickers, the perception was they add value to their teaching and staff are planning to use them again.

  2. the administration around managing the clickers needs to be improved. In particular, the collection and return process

  3. the staff development programme needs to be fine tuned in terms of greater emphasis on question design and more promotion.

So it reads like this is much more to come with people using clickers creatively at UCS :-)


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