Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Augmented Reality Web Browsing Project

The Elevate Team will be starting another one week intensive development project on the 16th May. This project aims to explore and develop an application for augmented reality web browsing within a UCS, educational context. An example of which is available from the University of Exeter (

There are two aims;

1. Develop a layar augmented reality for the Waterfront and James Hehir Buildings at UCS. This will be a proof of concept to present to the Induction Steering Group. The product will be a layar application, and documentation of what was done and the lessons learnt.  The information being accessible via the layar will include;

  • team specific by site: Waterfront - Elevate (latest blog posts, latest youtube, latest FAQs); InfoZone (latest FAQs)

  • team specific by site: James Hehir - Kai, Building Voice

  • general - twitter streams; UCS news; UCS Virtual Tours

  • authenticated - e-stream videos, access to my Library info

  • by person - new starter (specific set of FAQs)

2. Research how might augmented reality web browsing be used within teaching and learning at UCS. This is a desk based landscape study to identify the current developments and mapping these back to potential uses as a learning technology. The outcome will include a link to a resource, a description of what it is doing and a mapping to a potential use at UCS.

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