Tuesday, 24 May 2011

WSAAG - A successful start

WSAAG AgendaMonday 23rd May saw the inaugural meeting of the Wolsey System Admin Advisory Group at the Waterfront Building.  We had seven attendees for the meeting, two members from Academic Services, one from UCS Bury, one from UCS Great Yarmouth and the three of us from the Elevate Team.

The agenda for the meeting was:

  • Welcome & Introductions

  • How we hope the group will work & Terms of Reference

  • What do you need to do with Wolsey?

  • Wolsey plans – short and medium term

  • Next meeting

After the initial welcome and introductions we moved to the terms of reference and how the group will work, it is proposed the group meets twice a year and works with a flexible, informal way.

We split the group in to two and asked the groups to think and make notes on "what do you need to be able to do with Wolsey?".  After a short time for discussion we asked the two groups to swap there notes and to then discuss the other groups thoughts.  We need asked each group to discuss the ideas they had add, these are listed below:

  • Assistance for academics i.e. podcasts,more technical

  • See things from a student point of view

  • Encourage standard use across the networks

  • Wimba

  • Change the look of announcements - make some stand out

  • Good practice area, showing how and what is available

  • Need to use the facility more

  • Need to assign staff to course areas

  • Need more training - eTraining

  • Be able to view what a particular student has access to

  • Needs to be easier to navigate (hide historic documents)

  • Issue with communities - communication

  • Hide old modules

We spent some time discussing the issues raised above and have some action points to work with, the main actions are:

  • To allow Domain administrators to view what a particular student is enrolled on

  • Add cross-network modules to all appropriate domains

  • Add cross-network communities to all appropriate domains

  • To investigate what is possible with regard to "hiding" historic module/course ares

  • Investigate UCS Bury admin search issues

  • Developing more online help materials / online courses for Wolsey training tools

  • Allowing LNs to create their own course areas - not for use with official UCS modules

We closed the meeting after a short discuss about our short to medium term plans, the headlines were:

  • Short term

    • Late June / Early July - create new 2011/12 module areas

    • Roll over lecturer enrolments

    • NOT rolling over custom course recipes

    • Intranets to be removed from Wolsey by December 2011

  • Medium Term

    • We do not know what VLE we will be using for September 2012

    • Both Blackboard and Moodle are possible

    • Elevate Team to write paper for Executive

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that attended, especially those that had to travel to Ipswich.



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