Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Tracking the number of scans of QR Codes

As some people are aware, we've been rolling out the QR Code Tour Generator with scan tracking. The idea is we'll be able to provide some quantitative answer to the question, this is all very nice, but has anyone scanned the QR Code?

In a previous post I've outlined how we are giving a voice to a building (http://wolseyweb.ucs.ac.uk/blogs/elevate/?p=739). This went live  on the 24th May. So, given a week has passed, has anyone scanned it?

The answer is yes, and thanks to the tracking I the QR Code Tour creator (owner) can follow the link and see how many scans, and when it was scanned. In our case, it has been scanned three times (one of which was me).

Another interesting observation is the QR Code Tour Generator automatically includes a short url to the resource. The intention is to allow people who do not have a QR Code reader the ability to easily access the resource. The log data indicates that although the number of QR Code scans is three, the resource (a youTube video) has been accessed via the short url twelve times. Therefore, it is very important to include the short url.


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