Tuesday 30 November 2010

Gradebook not showing all students

Issue: Gradebook not showing all students when "Edit Rows Displayed" is amended

Description: When accessing the Grade Centre and changing the number of displayed rows, then sorting by name or username the top and bottom students on the list disappear.

Status: Open - Official bug in Blackboard - Bug number AS-135218

Fix: Blackboard 9.1 SP4  (UCS looking to upgrade to Blackboard 9.1 during the summer of 2011)

Work-around: Currently the only work-around we have is to leave the Grade Centre to show all students, the default mode.

Good feedback for QR Code Generator

We (David and Aaron) have been developing the UCS's QR Code Generator Pilot Service (http://wolseyweb.ucs.ac.uk/Elttcode/). The development approach follows an agile development model of regular user centered input and feedback. The first user feedback phase has just finished, and its been really useful ... thanks

When asked, To what extent do you agree with the following statement, I was able to achieve everything I needed to do ... the majority either strongly agreed (3 outof 7) or agreed (3 out of 7). Only 1 registered a negative score (unsure).

The qualitative feedback implied they seemed to be able to create a code and save it. Many where unsure why they might want to use it, and there was some need for improving / clarifying the instructions on the tracking of QR Codes (UCS urls). So, all very good :-)

Where next

The next steps will be to get some users to test the tracking process. We have also secured some internal project funding to engage the wider community at UCS around using QR Codes in Teaching and Learning, and develop a games engine (inspired by the work of Mike Ellis http://twitter.com/#!/m1ke_ellis).

Wednesday 24 November 2010

ELTT Barcode Generator - Package

Happy to announce that work on making sure the ELTT Barcode Generator Package is nearly finished!

This has entailed creating a separate settings.config file where an institution can change basic branding and usage settings without the need to delve into the core code, of course any development work the institution wishes to carry out can still be done, it just gives the institution the ability to roll out their own version of our generator with minimal fuss.

Just got to round of some extra bits such as the readme.txt and make sure all the functionality is working, also checking back making sure all the error trapping is in place.

The package will be distributed being standards compliant to XHTML 1.0 Transitional / CSS / Section 508.

All for now!


Staff Development Programme (Nov & Dec 2010)

During November and December 2010 the team will be running a number of face to face staff development events. For more information on how to book your place please contact us at wolsey@ucs.ac.uk. Also if you'd like us to run a staff development session for you and colleagues please contact us.

Workshops (open to all staff)

  • Getting started with using WOLSEY in your Teaching and Learning (7th Dec - 10.00 to 12.00 - East Building T302)

Masterclass (local request)

  • The potential application of QR Codes in a Library context (25th Nov - UCS Librarian's Meeting - WSC)

  • Enhancing face to face feedback and assessing knowledge using classroom technologies (15th Dec - Learning Resources Team)

Seminars (open to all staff)

  • Enhancing face to face feedback and assessing knowledge using classroom technologies (10th Dec - 12.30 to 1.30 W115)

Drop-in Series (open to all staff)

  • 23rd Nov - Waterfront - 10.00 to 11.30

  • 2nd Dec - Waterfront - 2.00 to 3.30

  • 8th Dec - Waterfront - 10.00 to 11.30

Tuesday 23 November 2010

ELTT Barcode Generator Operational

ELTT's Barcode generator is now operational for a select few people to give initial feedback on how they find using the service.

Future features include a configuration element for easier distribution to other institutions who wish to implement their own version and the possibility of using the service on a gaming platform.




Monday 22 November 2010

How could I set up a clicker question in my powerpoint?

  • Author: Andy Ramsden (a.ramsden@ucs.ac.uk)

  • Date: 17th November, 2010

  • Technical Keyword: Clickers, Classroom Technologies,

  • Learning Keyword: Feedback

Introduction (Description)

The aim of this how to guide is to bring three common questions to together and walk through how you might  add an interactive (clicker) question to your powerpoint presentation, set a time limit for the students to answer the question, and once closed, display the correct answer.

A potential scenario would be, you’ve written a objective question (one which has a correct answer), and wish to see the proportion of the audience who get it right, and the proportion who get it wrong. You wish to set a time to introduce a little bit of pressure, and display the correct answer for clarity in the classroom and because you are intending to upload the powerpoint to your VLE course.


Step 1: Adding the question to your powerpoint presentation

* Open up Turning Point 2008
* Open up your powerpoint presentation (file)
*  Use slide sorter (left side) to navigate to where you want add the question slide
* Using the Turning Point tool bar, click on Insert Slide >>> Select Generic >>>Select question by the number of possible answers
* Edit slide, including adding the question, and all the possible responses

Alternatively, see the very good (and short) videos produced by the TurningPoint >> http://trainingportal.turningtechnologies.com/turningPoint.cfm

Step 2: Selecting “display correct answer” after the students have voted

This is a two step process. Firstly, you’ll need to set the graphic which displays the correct answer indicator across all slides within your presentation. This is from a list of icons. Secondly, you need to associate the correct response on the actual question.

Select the correct answer indicator

* Using the Turning Point tool bar, click >>> Insert option >>> Select the correct answer indicator >>> select the icon you wish to use

Secondly, set the correct answer for a particular question (slide)

* Navigate to question slide in your presentation
* Highlight the correct answer using your mouse
* Right click on your mouse to display a new menu panel >>> click on set as correct

Step 3 - Set timer for a particular question

This option will automatically close the polling after the time you set. It will also display a counter (timer) on your powerpoint slide.
* Using the Turning Point tool bar, click >>> Insert option >>> Select Countdown >>> Select Timer

The Timer will display on your powerpoint slide. Move this display, and to change the duration (seconds) double click on the timer and enter the time you’d like.

Where Next

Creative Commons & Open Educational Resources

The Enhancing Learning Through Technology Team embrace open educational resources. Therefore, this resource is available under the following Creative Common License.


Saturday 20 November 2010

Welcome ...

... to the new Enhancing Learning Through Technology Team's blog.