Wednesday 30 May 2012

So what did we cover in our JISC RSC Location Aware workshop?

A question we aren't being asked very often, however, a big thank you to JISC RSC Eastern who filmed the session and edited to the following. Note, it is one hour, ten minutes. So you may want to flip through some sections.

The video is available from:


Friday 25 May 2012

LearnUCS: Staff webinar series to get you started (BUMP Announcement 4)

The Elevate Team will be running a number of short (20 minute) webinars for teaching staff at UCS designed to help them get started with the new software. These sessions will cover both the efficiency gains and the learning and teaching enhancements offered by the new system. We'll also cover an update on timings and what you need to do.

For instance, we'll illustrate how the new system offers efficiency gains for creating seminar sign up sheets which will automatically create groups with set tool functionality. Therefore, if you wanted students to work collaboratively in small groups on a presentation or report, where you want to see both the product and process of their work, the multiple sign up list would be good for you. The embedded video illustrates how simple it is to use.



  • The dates & times of the webinars are as follows:

    • 11th June 10.00 to 10.20

    • 13th June 2.00 to 2.30

    • 14th June 11.30 to 11.50

  • To sign up please email

  • You will need an internet web browser and headset

Monday 21 May 2012

Screencasting from the iPad using Explain Everything

As some people know, the Elevate Team have been exploring with staff the use of tools to allow screencasting from the iPad. Aaron found the Explain Everything ( which was used to create the screencast below. The screencast is a powerpoint presentation given as part of the update on the Blackboard upgrade and migration project.

The reasons why I prefer this app over the ShowMe app, include;

  • easy upload of files (powerpoint and PDF) with multiple pages

  • inclusion of a web browser recording option

  • automatic upload to YouTube


I think this app has considerable potential, and we'll be demo'ing at the UCS Distance Learning & Technology Group on the 24th June for the session on Media tablets. If you'd like to find out more, please email


Thursday 17 May 2012

Location Aware Workshop for JISC RSC Eastern

I'm just following up on the location aware learning activity workshop we (Elevate Team) at UCS ran with the JISC RSC Eastern on 9th May.

This all day workshop involved using low threshold applications, QR Codes and Augmented Reality (Aurasma) to develop a set of location aware learning activities. It was pitched at the begineer level, so included lots of activities around what is the technology and hands on exposure for participants to actually use it. This also involved using the Quickmark QR Code, Aurasma, & Comic Life apps on the iPads to do all the work (not a networked PC or laptop in site).

The workshop was over subscribed, and based on the twitter comments, seemed to be very well received:

9 May Tracey Tutt ‏@traceytutt: Brilliant day thanks to @andyramsden @iAaronBurrell @thedavidmullett #UCSAUG augmented reality at UCS today @rsceastern fantastic!
9 May Kerry Hine ‏@KerryHine1: Absolutely amazed - created a basic poster with 2 video links using Aurasma in 10 minutes #UCSAUG @daveghunt
9 May JISC RSC Eastern ‏@rsceastern - #UCSAUG some creative uses of Aurasma Augmented reality app for showcasing good and bad presentation skills. @rsceastern
9 May andyjb ‏@andyjb: arron of ucs has just put me onto @aurasma worth a look #ucsaug
9 May JISC RSC Eastern ‏@rsceastern: How to make a perfect cup of learning poster using QR codes and Comic Touch #UCSAUG @rsceastern

The material we used included:

The presentation:

Aurasma Examples

As a follow up to the workshop we'll be releasing our documentation around how we've deployed Aurasma Augmented Reality Visual Browser, and we'll hopefully being running the workshop with JISC RSC Eastern support at other HE/FE institutions within the region.



Wednesday 16 May 2012

Would you like to try LearnUCS? BUMP: ANNOUNCEMENT 3

I'm glad to say the testing is progressing well with the upgrade and the migration, ad we are on track for an upgrade at the start of August. The next stage is to start testing the emerging migration path.

However, there are a couple of tasks you might want to do:

  • Invite one of the Elevate Team into your team meetings to discuss the new software and what opportunities it might offer for your teaching, learning and assessment

  • Register using the link below for a course on the test system. This will give you a sandpit space to explore the features of the new course. We'd recommend you look at including YouTube, Flickr and Slideshare material via the mashup option, exploring the wiki and blog tools, and looking at the Self and Peer Assessment Tool.

To register for a test course complete the following form:

If you have any questions about the Blackboard Upgrade and Migration, please email the Elevate Team, at