Thursday 20 January 2011

Using an audience response system in the classroom ... thoughts from my first go

The intention of the your stories section is to start sharing our experiences and help practitioners connect within and between schools.


Name and e-mail: Sue Blainey (
Discipline / School: (post registration,) health, technology, radiography


What were you trying to achieve and why?

To engage all students in participative learning, to encourage discussion and debate, to introduce variety in teaching approaches and to have fun.

What was the role of the technology?

The central role was to capture the student thinking/answers. Also, demonstrate the different opinions within the group, an enable students to identify the personal knowledge gaps in a non-threatening way


How did the students find it?

They found it very enjoyable, fun, a non-threatening way of learning in face to face teaching and it was very easy to use


No, not once I'd organised for the software to be installed. The authoring of the questions was straight forward, as was using it in the classroom.

What tips do you have for others?

It can be adapted to suit various teaching aims and approaches. Start with the basics, try it, build up confidence and it is easy to master if I can do it!

Friday 7 January 2011

Implementing a QR Code Generating Service - Durham BB Users' Conference 2011

Thank you to all those who attended the workshop at the Durham Users' Confence today, please find below the link to the zipped package, once download, unzip and view the Read Me file.

QR Code Generator Package

Mentioned during the workshop was a webpage that you could visit on your mobile device to give you a list of the available scanning apps for that specific device, please click here.

Thanks again for attending the workshop and please feel free to leave any comments about how you found installing and using the generator, comments can be left on this post.