Monday 27 April 2015

Why don't you take our self-diagnostic online digital capabilities audit?

The Elevate Team have been working with a number of course teams to develop a digital capabilities auditing tool for lecturers. The intention is this acts as a developmental tool for the individual, and highlights potential areas for development at the team level.

A spin out of this development is the creation of an online version (using a sub set of questions), which allows you to compare your digital capabilities within LearnUCS with others. It also provided links to support material.

The online version is available from:

If you have any questions around running a Course Team Audit please contact the Elevate Team (

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Wednesday 1 April 2015

UCS "wide" e-learning catch up: April 2015

We are inviting those at UCS who have a named e-learning responsibility within their job descriptions to a monthly coffee catch up. The idea behind this is to help people connect with each other, share ideas and collectively ask and answer questions.

We had our first coffee catch up today, and the conversation quickly got onto using Virtual Reality within teaching and learning, especially Oculus Rift, which is being explored by Dept of Science and Technology.

A few things struck me during the conversation (which I kind of followed); (1) there seemed to be lots of interest, a very lively discussion and the cross fertilisation of ideas (so the collective approach is working) and (2) given the varied skills and background in the room there is definitely an opportunity for a development sprint over the summer.

If you have named responsibility within your job responsibility at UCS, please contact me if you'd like to be invited to these monthly catch ups.

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Improving your LearnUCS course: Our (Elevate Team) Top Tips

The Elevate Team have just released our top tips on how you can enhance your LearnUCS module design.

These aim to meet two distinct needs; to develop your skills to enhance the student learning experience on your LearnUCS module, and encourage you to align your course to the emerging minimum expectations across UK HEIs for the use of the Virtual Learning Environment in Teaching and Learning.

The learning design is based around, providing a rationale, the inclusion of an embedded video to demonstrate how to complete the task in LearnUCS, and where appropriate a link to the Blackboard provided support materials. You are encouraged to contact the Elevate Team to discuss how you might put these ideas into practice within your course. To facilitate this process the Elevate Team are revisiting how we position ourselves within course team areas. This aims to increase the opportunities for corridor conversations. The new approach will be piloted in the near future.

In the mean time, if you have any questions, please contact the us,


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