About Us

About Us

The Elevate Team work closely with staff and students to encourage, enable and evaluate the use of technology in learning and teaching at the University Campus Suffolk. In particular, to;
Help staff to integrate innovative technologies to enhance their teaching programmes
Share innovation and good practice through facilitating an active community
Evaluate the impact of enhancements on the student learning experience
Develop and pilot ways to enhance and develop learning through innovative technologies

The outcome for the student is a richer learning experience. An evaluation of an innovative use of an electronic based learning activity in the School of Science Technology and Health, identified students found a very effective learning resource, with one suggesting;

“I enjoyed using the material that was provided for the e-learning. I felt motivated to explore materials further at the time which is not possible in the classroom environment and motivation is not always sustained at a later time. I could follow the session at my own pace and retrace if I needed to”

More information around the Elevate Team, the work we do, and the impact this is having on staff and students is available from our Team Blog (http://wolseyweb.ucs.ac.uk/blogs/elevate). Alternatively, email us (elevate@ucs.ac.uk) or follow us on twitter (elevateatucs)

Get Involved

The following are a number of ways you can get involved with the Elevate Team, to influence the direction of staff development and learning technologies at UCS. For more information, please email elevate@ucs.ac.uk

Hub & Spoke Model

The “have a learning technologist for a day” initiative is a variant of a hub spoke implementation model. This approach is informed from conversations with staff where we’ve identified a number of barriers existing which inhibit the innovative use of technology in teaching. These barriers include staff not being able to access specialist help when they require, not having a dedicated resource to work with throughout the complete learning enhancement, not being aware of opportunities technology offers and the chance to discuss creative solutions. Therefore, the initiative will allow a learning technologist to be available in the Division on agreed days to work on projects and staff development opportunities.

The role of the learning technologist will also be able to help join up the range of staff and student support networks, for instance, Learning Development, Library and the IT Helpdesk functions. However, their is not to upload of files to the learning platforms or replace existing staff structures.

The service is free, to booking process is simple, the Head of School, or Head of Division is required to email Andy Ramsden (a.ramsden@ucs.ac.uk) to discuss requirements and develop an appropriate plan, time frame and impact assessment.

LearnUCS Administrators Advisory Group

For more information about this group, please email elevate@ucs.ac.uk

The Terms of Reference are : 

The group shall be convened twice annually
The group shall comprise of the chair (usually the VLE Operations Manager), those with Sys Admin rights on LearnUCS across the LNs, other members of the Elevate team, or representatives from other relevant parties such as ITS.
The group shall act as a focal point for discussions around their specific needs, it shall advise on future developments of the software, the role and implementation within Schools and across the
Learning Network
The group shall act as a community of practice for the system administrators to share experiences, and develop good practice.
The group shall draw the attention of the University Learning, Teaching and Assessment Group and other relevant groups and committees to any specific developments that may be relevant to the University.

Elevate Team Advisory Group

In development. First meeting due at the start of October 2013

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