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This page aims to answer the question, how can a member of staff at the University Campus Suffolk access staff development opportunities provided by the Elevate Team around the effective use of technology to enhance their teaching and their student’s learning.
The Elevate Team provide a range of face to face and online staff development opportunities. These range from providing an input into accredited courses, to the provision of workshops and one to one development. We also provide learning technologists for a limited time in divisions, schools and across the partner institutions.

Our principles

  • Use a range of different styles, including collaborative and problem based learning
  • Adopt an informal approach
  • Focus on the participants needs
  • Act as a showcase for the effective use of appropriate use of available technologies at UCS
  • Contextualise how the workshop fits into our wider staff development programme
  • Our role is to facilitate not to lecture
  • Showcase uses from the University Campus Suffolk

Hub & Spoke Model

One of the main delivery tools of our staff development programme is the Hub & Spoke Model. This model places a learning technologies in each Division or School once a week (UCS Ipswich). For more information on the Hub & Spoke Model and to ensure you get your entitlement, please email


The Elevate Team will support individual’s who are looking at CMALT (). CMALT is a peer-based professional accreditation scheme developed by ALT to enable people whose work involves learning technology to:
  • have their experience and capabilities certified by peers;
  • demonstrate that they are taking a committed and serious approach to their professional development.
For more information, please contact Andy Ramsden (

Generic Staff Development Programme

Face to Face

The following links to the workshop, masterclass, and seminar session plans. This enables you to see what we’ll cover in the session, and the approach we’ll be adopting to make sure it meets your needs.
If you are thinking of running a local event at UCS or across the Learning Networks (with our without our input) you might want to adapt these plans.
Workshops (2 hours, computer based)
  • How can I enhance my classroom teaching through innovatie technologies?
  • Getting started with using LearnUCS in your teaching and learning
  • How might you use objective testing in your teaching and learning?
  • Enhancing collaborative and group learning through innovative technologies
  • Using social media tools to enhance your teaching and learning
  • Designing effective e-learning activities
  • Getting started with using Mahara e-Portfolio in your teaching and learning
  • What does mobile learning offer me?
  • Effective ways of using multimedia in your teaching and learning
Seminars & masterclasses (1 hour (max), non computer based)
  • How might I enhance learning through innovative technologies?
For our most up to date staff development programme see:


Just in time information
Coffee Breaks
The following links are to the session plans for our Coffee Break series. These are 15 minutes online presentations (available via GoTo Meetings) which build on some pre-session material you are expected to watch. The focus on the coffee break will be on the use of the application of the technology in a teaching and learning context.
Note, the online conference component is managed through GoTo Meeting ( It is your responsibility to ensure you have registered for the event and have head phones etc., 
Regular topics include;
  • Using social bookmarking (diigo) in teaching and learning
  • Using microblogging (twitter) in teaching and learning
  • Annotating student work on an iPad
For our most up to date staff development programme see:

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